We are Qualiopi certified! 🎉

For those who've been on this journey before, you know that it isn't the easiest thing. So we're super excited to share the news, specially for our (prospective) clients who have staff on a France-based payroll.

This certification makes our training and coaching programs more accessible for France-based companies through financing from state-approved bodies known as Opérateurs de Compétences (OPCO).

What does this mean?

✅ If you are an employee of a France-based company, now, chances are that your employer can totally or partially pay for your training and/or coaching with Panash through their OPCO.

What is doesn't mean?

❌ Unfortunately you cannot finance our training and/or coaching programs using your "compte personnel de formation" (CPF).

For my fellow product leaders, now you have one less excuse to finally give your team the upskilling they deserve in Product Discovery. ❤️

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